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When you need electrical work done on your residential or commercial property, the only person who should touch it is a licensed electrician. Of course, we understand that there are plenty temptations to pursue alternatives.

The average person, whether they fall into the residential or commercial client categories, is typically under the impression that hiring an electrician is too expensive. As a result, they will try to fix or install their own wiring themselves. And if they aren't confident in their ability to do it themselves, they will choose to hire an unlicensed electrical contractor offering them a low price.

Now, we understand why a home or business owner would always be interested in saving money, but when you consider the risks involved in doing it yourself or hiring an unlicensed electrician, is the low price really worth the risk? One of the first rules of gambling is never take a risk you can't afford to lose. And we are willing to bet that your residential or commercial property isn't something you can afford to lose. But you need to be prepared for that possibility whenever you are led astray by the promise of lower prices.

If something goes wrong with your DIY electrical project, there is a high probability of injury or damage to your property. And you can bet that your insurance company won't be too keen to pick up the bill when they find out the damage to your building and to yourself was completely self-inflicted and avoidable. So, if you like the price tag of doing it yourself, factor in hospital bills, the cost of fire restoration services and more before you go through with it.

Furthermore, an unlicensed electrician doesn't have a license for a reason. Getting your electrical license is more than memorizing facts and passing an exam. It holds the electrician responsible and liable to penalties in the event of illegal, immoral or incompetent actions. Those who fail to obtain a license are denied for a good reason. Do you really want them working on your home or business?

If you want to have confidence an electrical project once it's completed, you need to hire Bell Electric Services LLC's electricians. We are a full-service electrical contractor company that has been providing residential and commercial clients with expert, reliable electrical services for many years.
We specialize in all types of electrical work. Just give us a call today, tell us what you need and one of our fully licensed and insured electricians will provide you with a free estimate. If you're searching for "Electrician Near Me" in Lilburn, GA give us call.

Residential and Commercial Electricians:

One of the things that sets Bell Electric Services LLC apart from other electrical companies in the area is that we are equally comfortable working in residential and commercial settings. There is no job too big or too small for our expertise. After all, we would rather provide you with affordable, professional electrical services than see disaster strike your home or business.

Residential- Ceiling Fan Installation Services

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Whether you want a ceiling fan in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or even outdoors, it is almost always a smart investment. Ceiling fans aren't just an excellent piece of decor for any area of your home, they can also increase the energy efficiency and overall comfort of virtually any home in the area.

With these benefits your home is waiting to reap, you are probably ready to rush to the store to grab yourself that brand-new ceiling fan you've been thinking about buying, but we must ask you to be patient and get in touch with Bell Electric Services LLC first. Whether you want a ceiling fan with lights or without, a ceiling fan with remote controls or one for your outdoor space, you need to think about who is going to install it.

Installing a ceiling fan isn't as simple as climbing up on your ladder and plugging it in. You need an intimate understanding of how your home's electrical infrastructure works to successfully install a ceiling fan. Without an expertise in all things electrical, you won't be installing a ceiling fan so much as a fire hazard. Plus, there is a serious risk of injury when you do take the matter of installation in your own hands. Rather than put yourself and your home in danger over a new ceiling fan, give Bell Electric Services LLC a call.

Bell Electric Services LLC's licensed and insured electricians have a ton of experience installing ceiling fans in homes all over the area. Our electricians can successfully install ceiling fans wherever you need them, even there is no existing wiring. We can run the ceiling fan wiring wherever it's needed. Regardless of size or style, our electricians have the expertise necessary to safely connect your new ceiling fan in a safe, efficient and affordable manner.
To request a free quote on Bell Electric Services LLC's residential ceiling fan installation services, give us a call today.

What a Ceiling Fan Can Do for Your Home:
You probably don't realize how much good a professionally installed residential ceiling fan can do for your home. A few of the highlights include:

1) Energy Savings
In the winter, heated air rises and collects around the ceiling. Ceiling fans circulate the warm air and push it back down to where you are. In the summer, ceiling fans create a cool breeze to keep air circulating so that it does not become too damp or stagnant. When you let a ceiling fan redistribute the hot or cool air in your home, you are taking a significant amount of strain off your air conditioner and heater.

2) Light Up a Room
While it's not totally necessary to get a ceiling fan with lights, they are always a great source of overhead lighting. So, if you want to save energy while changing up the ambiance of a certain room, just let us know and we'll take care of it.


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Bell Electric Services LLC is so much more than your average commercial and residential electrical company. Though we take great pride in the electrical work we do, we are always thrilled when we get to combine our trade with our flair for design. Our commercial and residential electricians understand how important lighting can be in terms of setting the right mood for any given room in your home or business.

But, for the right lighting to showcase your business or products or to set a relaxing ambiance in your home, they need to be safely installed. The last thing you want is a brand-new lighting scheme for your home or business only to have it either work sporadically or be a fire hazard. Choosing Bell Electric Services LLC's experienced electricians to handle the installation eliminates any of these concerns.

Not only can we install a beautiful, new and energy efficient lighting system in your home or business, our electricians will make sure it's up to code and safe for an affordable rate. For high-quality lighting with convenient service, give Bell Electric Services LLC a call today to request a free estimate.

Residential Lighting Installations
When you have been conducting lighting installations as long as our electricians have, there is no room in the house we can't handle. Whether it's your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom or anything in between, our experts are well versed in the lighting needs of these rooms. Or, if you have something a little less conventional in mind, we are always willing to collaborate with our clients to bring their ideas to life.
Some of the more popular residential lighting we are asked to install include:

  • Lighting layouts
  • Recessed lighting
  • LED lighting
  • Light fixtures
  • Light switches

We can also totally revamp your home's exterior lighting to make your property more secure while boosting its curb appeal. Whatever your home needs lighting-wise, Bell Electric Services LLC is here to help.

Commercial Lighting Installations
How your commercial property is lit is incredibly important no matter what type of work you are in. High-quality lighting designs affect how your business is perceived. From creating an engaging atmosphere to sell your products and service to protecting the safety of your customers and employees, there is no shortage of reasons why you should invest in a lighting installation.

When you choose Bell Electric Services LLC to install new lighting on your commercial property, safety is always our top priority as is our desire to understand your lighting needs. When we have an understanding of your commercial indoor and outdoor lighting, we can put your business in a position to succeed for years to come.

One of the most popular reasons businesses invest in lighting installations from Bell Electric Services LLC is to reduce operating costs. Thanks to new technologies, new lighting can reduce energy costs by 35 to 75 percent. So, if you want to start saving money every month, get in touch with Bell Electric Services LLC.